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Our Story

' The Time is Now '

A few years ago I mentioned to my partner that I wanted to start a Gym clothing brand, he was like yes, definitely, this is you, go for it. The perfect combination between my fitness Goals and obsession with fitness clothing. Problem was, that was the furthest I got with it, just a distant dream. But as my life continued and two beautiful kids later, the passion and the idea was still eating away at me.

So here it is,

‘ The Time is Now ‘

Welcome to Javucci Feel Good Fitness

How It All Started

When our children came into this world everything changed. I felt a new kind of love, I was able to put things into massive perspective and understand what parental love was all about. Your daily routines change, and you get so busy with life, and that’s the reality. I continued to maintain my fitness as much as I could, but sometimes it’s hard. I love nothing more in this world than being mummy to my beautiful kids but I fully understand that keeping it real is important, and I want to reflect that it my brand. I’m proud of who I have become and I’m also proud of my body and what it has been through. I now have a beautiful mum tum, scars and stretch marks as a reminder of the two bundles of fun, joy and laughter I brought into this world. With Javucci I want to reflect to all women to feel Good and be proud of who they are. In our product shots you see the clothing as it is, the models are our friends and family,  real people like you and me, some have kids and some don’t. We don’t air brush the frumpy bits or stretch marks, we keep it real, and for me, being real and being confident in your own skin is everything

' A K I K O '

 After a good few months of drafting designs and sampling materials we finally concluded to our first collection called ‘A K I K O’. I hope you love the range as much as I do, and many more collections to come.

A feel good approach

The journey so far has been amazing and I thank my friends, family and friends of friends for being amazing and supportive.

Welcome to the Javucci community, a place to Feel Good about Fitness and keeping it real.

I will personally be on hand to answer any queries you have, so get in touch.

Thanks for the love & support,

Ayeish x

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